Regional and Transparent Research

All new sustainable varieties are performance tested to a transparent criteria before receiving the A-List Approved logo.

Deep Research Analysis

Performance independently researched and tested.

Approved Varieties

A-LIST™ has given the conditional approval of the following turfgrass varieties that meet the criteria for sustainability and water conservation.

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Specifiers Sheet

Guide Specifications
A-LIST® Certified
Turfgrass Plantings

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Transparent Protocols

A-LIST™ has open procedures

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The A-LIST™ as of March 2020

Tall Fescue

Avenger IIMountain View Seeds
SuperSonicMountain View Seeds
Da VinciLebanon Turf
FayetteDLF Seeds and Science
Firecracker SLSMountain View Seeds
Grande 3DLF Seeds and Science
LeonardoLebanon Turf
MichelangeloLebanon Turf
Mustang 4DLF Seeds and Science
NightcrawlerDLF Seeds and Science
Rhizing MoonDLF Seeds and Science
RockwellLebanon Turf
Titanium 2 LSMountain View Seeds
RebounderDLF Seeds and Science

Kentucky Bluegrass

MercuryDLF Seeds and Science
SR 2284DLF Seeds and Science
ShirazLebanon Turf
ZinfandelLebanon Turf
Blue NoteMountain View Seeds
LegendMountain View Seeds
HeidiDLF Seeds and Science

Fine Fescues

Conductor (Chewings)Lebanon Turf
Jetty (Hard)Mountain View Seeds
SR 3150 (Hard)Seed Research of Oregon
Clarinet (Chewings)Lebanon Turf
Compass II (Chewings)Mountain View Seeds
SR 5130 (Chewings)Seed Research of Oregon
Radar (Chewings)Mountain View Seeds
Chorus (Str Creeping Red)Lebanon Turf
Navigator II (Str Creeping Red)Mountain View Seeds
SR 5250 (Str Creeping Red)Seed Research of Oregon
Minimus (Hard)Landmark

Perennial Ryegrass

Apple SGLMountain View Seeds
Fastball RGLMountain View Seeds
GrandSlam GLDMountain View Seeds
SeabiscutLebanon Turf
SidewaysSeed Research of Oregon
Stellar 3GLMountain View Seeds
WickedDLF Pickseed
BanfieldDLF Pickseed
ThriveDLF Pickseed
Man O WarLebanon Turf

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