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Turf managers in all industries have the challenge of growing high-performance turf at the same time facing the pressure to reduce resource usage and environmental impact. Certified low-input A-LIST varieties are developed and grown to meet this challenge. Using A-LIST seed brings confidence and simplifies the buying process to create high-performance turf that meets the demands of the users.

Turf Experts Use A-LIST Varieties


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Golf Course Superintendents

Golf course managers appreciate A-List Turf for its ability to withstand the heavy traffic and divot repair associated with golf play. Its superb recuperative properties help the turfgrass quickly recover from the wear and tear, maintaining an impeccable appearance even during peak playing seasons. A-List Turf has become synonymous with excellence on golf courses, offering a beautiful, durable, and low-maintenance solution for those who demand the very best in turfgrass quality for their golfing venues.

On a technical note, creeping bentgrass breeding efforts have greatly improved its ability for disease resistance, heat tolerance, and reduced input requirements.

Sports Field Managers

High-performance athletes demand high-performance turf. And for some reason, spectators expect lush, green grass in their stadiums. Then add the pressure of having good sustainability practices, and well, these challenges can give any sports field manager a nightmare.

A-LIST members understand this and have produced varieties used in professional and college stadiums across the country. A-LIST has a certification program for sports fields to demonstrate improved sustainability.

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Sod Farmers

A-LIST turf is a game-changer for sod farmers looking to produce premium-quality turfgrass for their customers. A-LIST varieties stand out for their exceptional characteristics, making it a preferred choice in the industry. The advantages include robust root system that ensure the turfgrass can be harvested and transplanted with minimal stress, resulting in high-quality sod that establishes quickly once laid, providing an instant, aesthetically pleasing lawn for end customers.

Schools and Municipal Managers

Community athletic fields and grounds play an important role in the health and well-being of society. Field managers face the expectation of providing good green spaces that has high, variable usage, uses environmentally sound processes, and of course, within tight budgets.

A-LIST has low-input seed varieties that provide good quality turf, able to survive the winter, and have good field healing and recovery. A-LIST also has a huge advantage come budget time. The A-LIST certification provides evidence based research and qualification to give confidence that the municipal dollars are actually being spent for quality green spaces with lower resource and environmental impact.

On a side note, A-LIST varieties include Sturdy Roadside grasses that can survive temperate extremes in less than ideal growing conditions.