Cooperating Research Members

Working Together for Low-Input Solutions

Research Cooperating Members

The success of the A-LIST is built upon an industry-academic collaboration where the players are independent, but work together to improve the quality of turf-grass with lower environmental impact.

Each collaborator has three key elements:

— A national recognized institution for accurate and independent testing
— Regionally selected for geography and environment adaptability
— Able to influence the A-LIST protocols

Purdue University

Research Cooperator:
Cale Bigelow, Ph. D. – College of Agriculture

Logo of Purdue University

University of California – Riverside

Research Cooperator:
James Baird, Ph.D. – Agriculture and Natural Resources

Logo UC Riverside

North Carolina State University

Research Cooperator:
Grady Miller, Ph.D. – Crop and Soil Sciences

Logo NC State

Rutgers University

Research Cooperator:
Stacey Bonos, Ph.D. – Department of Plant Biology

Utah State

Research Cooperator:
Kelly Kopp, Ph.D. – Plants, Soils & Climate

Logo Utah State

University of Wisconsin

Research Cooperator:
Doug Soldat, Ph.D. – Soil Science Extension

Logo Wisconsin

Michigan State

Research Cooperator:
Kevin Frank, Ph.D. – Michigan State

Logo Michigan State

University of Connecticut

Research Cooperator:
Vickie Wallace, Ph.D. – Sustainable Turf and Landscape Program

Logo University Connecticut

Virginia Tech

Research Cooperators:
Mike Goatly, Ph.D. – School of Plant and Environmental Sciences
Dan Sandor, Ph.D. – School of Plant and Environmental Sciences

Logo Virginia Tech

The Ohio State University

Research Cooperator:
Tyler Carr, Ph.D. Turfgrass Science

Logo Ohio State

Oregon State University

Research Cooperator:
Alec Kowalewski, Ph.D. Department of Horticulture

Logo Oregon State

Iowa State University

Research Cooperator:
Adam Thoms, Ph.D. Department of Horticulture

Logo Iowa State