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Look for the A-LIST logo on bags of seed

Home Owners

The A-LIST logo simplifies the grass seed buying decision — just ask for A-LIST approved products at your local garden store or landscape company.

A great lawn starts with great seed. You have access to A-LIST approved seed varieties like the professionals. Help the environment and your wallet with low-input seed that has been independently tested.

There are many good resources out there on the how to grow a great lawn, so we’ll not repeat them here. However, if you are looking for a starting point, check out the Better Homes and Gardening website‘s landscape blogs.

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What to Know Before Buying a Bag of Seed

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Why is the "Zone" you live in so important?

There is no single “super” lawn-grass that grows well everywhere. One of the first choices of the home owner is to pick a variety that matches the  climate where they live.

In the United States, there are three major zones:

    • Northern Zone or cool-season
    • Southern Zone or warm-season
    • Transitional Zone, cool winters, warm summers

So which grass seed to pick? Watch the following video links to narrow down your choices.


What is "Blended" Seed?

Blended means there are two or more types of seed varieties mixed into a single bag. One variety might grow green in cool spring time, but turn brown in hot summer. Another variety might not start growing till June, but stay green all summer. A blended mixture helps in having a good looking lawn most of the year.

What is meant by 'Turf'?

Turf is the whole grass plant. That is, the roots, the soil, the stem, and the leaves.  The whole grass turf needs to be healthy for a great lawn. A-List varieties undergo years of testing to insure their seeds grow the best turf.

What does Low-Input mean?

The ‘inputs’ to a lawn include water, fertilizer, and more. Low-input seed helps the environment and your wallet. Specifically, low-input benefits include:

    • Slower growth (less mowing required)
    • Lower nitrogen requirements for growth (less fertilizer needed)
    • More drought tolerance (less water needed)
    • Less application of pesticides
Why is fall the best time to plant grass?

This is a little counterintuitive. After all, don’t farmers plant in spring and harvest in fall?

Well, in the wild, grass seed ripens in the autumn and falls to the ground. There it starts growing a bit before winter, making it ready to grow quickly in spring. So, planting in fall mimics the natural way.

Of course, we have the means and technology to plant anytime.

Benefits of Grass Clippings after Mowing

In the past, the grass clippings where usually picked up from the lawn. However,  today “mulching” lawn mowers allow you to leave them on the ground. Benefits include:

    • Recycle nutrients back into the soil.
    • Add organic matter to the soil.
    • Assist in retaining moisture in the soil
Lawn How-To Videos

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