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Providing Local A-LIST Solutions

Affiliate companies have a special role creating local A-LIST solutions. They provide regional climate and soil expertise plus create special seed blends to match your particular needs and climate.

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Atlantic Golf and Turf

Turners Falls, Massachusetts
We are a team committed to providing quality products and services that exceed expectations while building long-term relationships with customers, suppliers, and associates. We also work very hard to stay connected to industry associations and are supporting members and contributors to many of them. AGT Consulting is passionate about the turfgrass industry. We have over 150 years of combined experience ranging from golf course construction, sports field construction and management to developing school IPM plans. A certified agronomist is on staff ready to assist you in evaluating the soil physics and soil nutrient status of a new construction project or an established facility.

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Newsom Seed

Fulton, Maryland
Newsom is your one-stop shop for Maryland wholesale grass selections. Purchased in 1998 from J. Strickland Newsom by Allen and Carrie Bohrer, we have continued to deliver the same quality service and wholesale grass seed in MD. We carry a large selection of grass seed mixtures that include bentgrass, bermudagrass, and perennial ryegrass. Even with our large selections of bulk grass seed in Maryland, we recognize that many of our wholesale customers require their own analysis. That is why we offer custom blends of grass seed and fertilizer that meet the individual needs of our customers.

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Northeast Golf & Turf Supply

Peabody, Massachusetts
Northeast Golf & Turf Supply, a division of Northeast Nursery, Inc. is a trusted partner to turf professionals throughout New England. The company was founded in 1982, and is still wholly owned by Andrew Cotreau. The company has been in the turfgrass seed business from the very beginning. Today, the Golf & Turf sales staff of seasoned turf professionals can assist you with seed variety specification and selection. The team at Northeast is focused on the precise varieties for golf courses, athletic fields, educational and commercial campus properties, sod farms, golf courses and landscape contractors.

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United Seeds, Inc.

Omaha, Nebraska
United Seeds is a regional wholesaler/distributor of turf grass, native grass, wetland seed, forage seed, and wildflower seed. The company is a truly historic business with roots extending back to 1887 when it was founded as the Nebraska Seed Company. In 1957, the company was renamed United Seeds and continues today to adapt to customer needs and science. United Seeds purpose is to serve the customer with honesty and integrity by providing the highest performing products that are proven through research. It takes the best seed for our customers to have the best sod for their fields and parks.

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The Hogan Company

Springfield, Tennessee
The Hogan Company has over 75 years of combined experience in the turf, farm, and conservation markets. We buy, sell, and consistently deliver the finest-quality seeds available to the turf and forage customers of Kentucky, Tennessee, and Northern Alabama. Our staff has the knowledge and experience to help you produce the best results for your specific application. We do this by offering custom blends and mixes handcrafted to the specific needs of our customers using only the finest quality seed available that also protects our environment and enhances our communities.

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Grass Roots Turf Products, Inc.

Randolph, New Jersey
Grass Roots, Inc. is a company focused on service, technical support, and a full line of quality and sustainable turf products. We opened in 1978 with a focus on servicing the golf course superintendent and expanded in 2007 by opening our Lawn & Sports Turf Division. We pride ourselves to make timely recommendations to the turf care professional and deliver science-based, plant strengthening products to help our turfgrass managers reduce the need for traditional chemicals. We currently cover New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, and Delaware.

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Village Green Seed Ltd.

Waimauku, Auckland, New Zealand

Village Green Seed imports and exports quality and innovative seed for a variety of turf uses, including sports fields, golf courses, sod farms, and various other sites. Established in 2003 as an independent family owned and operated company, the company is lead by Tony Evans with 30 years of experience in selling Turf seed in Australasia. Village Green Seed uses a combination of New Zealand and US bred varieties to offer products and solutions for turf managers.

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Graham Turf Seeds, Ltd.

Selwyn, Ontario, Canada

Graham Turf Seeds was founded in 1995 by George Graham. The company has seen tremendous growth from our expert knowledge of the industry and providing high quality services over a wide range of grass species. We have a vast industry network that includes packaging lines, multiple warehouses, and shipping using in-house trucks and local freight companies. We provide a wide range of quality products including native and custom turf mixes to meet the performance and sustainable needs of every project.

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D & K Products

Des Moines, Iowa

D & K Products is a wholesale distributor of quality turf care products to golf courses, lawn care companies, and sports fields across Nebraska, Iowa and Central Illinois. Started in 1981 out of the home of Steve and Susan Krantz, the company has grown to 35 people and 4 distribution locations. We offer great service and expert regional advice that applies our full line of agronomic solutions to provide our customers the highest-quality turf health with only the necessary inputs.

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Medina Turf Farms

Seville, Ohio

Medina Turf Farms, formerly known as Medina Sod, is a leading regional provider of quality turfgrass sod. Our family roots run deep ever since our company was founded by Cliff Gregoire in 1960. In 2018 Ryan, the founder’s youngest son, and his wife took the reigns of the family farm and introduced new company growth and applied latest seed and turf innovations.Today, we offer a variety of custom turfgrass blends that provide solutions to homeowners, landscapers, and municipalities throughout Ohio and surrounding states,

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